Who we are

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Motivated by the urgent need to address declining literacy rates and a lack of opportunities for meaningful self-expression through art, Read Art Loud, Inc. was created in Greater Flint and Metro Detroit, Michigan. The initiative was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on January 13, 2022.

Our Read Art Loud enrichment programs are facilitated by experienced and compassionate teaching artists, who are committed to empowering the voices of our children and youth. These programs capitalize on the proven benefits of reading aloud and participating in performing arts activities.

We partner with families, educational ​institutions, and community organizations, ​both online and in-person, to ignite a passion ​for reading and literacy in our children through ​meaningful read-alouds and performing arts ​activities. Our mission: To inspire positive ​social change, one page at a time.

what we offer

k-8th Grade -

Taking Books to ​another level program

From the pages of books, we read ​aloud, perform theater, and create ​music and art.

9th-12th grade -

Junior teaching artist program


Sparking high school student leaders who make a​ positive impact using literacy and the arts​.

our impact

Barber Preparatory Academy

Highland Park, Michigan

Durant-Tuuri-Mott School

Flint, Michigan

Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center

Highland Park, Michigan

Flint Cultural Center Academy

Flint, Michigan

Louhelen Baha'i Center of Learning

Davison, Michigan

Nandi's Knowledge Cafe

Highland Park, Michigan

The New Standard Academy

Flint, Michigan



Unique Students Reached Since 01/13/2022

contact Information

Read Art Loud, Inc. ​EIN: 87-4775925





Mailing Address:

Read Art Loud, Inc.

PO Box 4341

Flint, Michigan 48504

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